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MCO Updates


FY 2020 Transmittals

PT 01-207/11/2019
Fiscal Year 2020 Rates for the Community First Choice and Community Personal Assistance Programs
PT 02-207/11/2019
Fiscal Year 2020 Rates for the Home and Community-Based Options Waiver and ICS Programs
PT 03-208/23/2019
Updated Billing Guidance on Hospital Observation Stays Revised
PT 04-209/16/2019
Medicaid Program Updates for Fall 2019
PT 05-2012/24/2019
Public Behavioral Health System Administrative Service Organization Vendor Change
PT 06-209/24/2019
Claims Submission
PT 07-209/25/2019
Disenrollment from Hospice; Submission of Enrollment E-requests
PT 08-2012/25/2019
Fiscal Year 2020 Medicaid Rates for Administrative Days
PT 09-209/30/2019
Coverage of National Diabetes Prevention Program for HealthChoice Enrollees, Effective September 1, 2019
PT 10-2010/8/2019
Screening and Enrollment Responsibilities for managed Care Network Providers
PT 11-2010/9/2019
Carve In of the HIV/AIDS Medicatiions Effective January 1, 2020
PT 12-2010/21/2019
Nursing Facility Pay-for-Performance Scores
PT 13-2011/14/2019
Inpatient Hospitalization Services for State Correctional and_or Local Jail Inmates
PT 14-2011/18/2019
Claims Submission (Update to Transmittal PT 06-20)
PT 15-2011/21/2019
Hospice Payment Rates for Federal Fiscal Year 2020
PT 16-2011/22/2019
Coverage of Lead Environmental Investigations for Medicaid and MCHP Enrollees, Effective September 1, 2019
PT 17-201/9/2020
Carve Out and Preauthorization of Zolgensma
PT 18-202/3/2020
Updated Billing Guidelines for Routine Labor and Delivery Claims
PT 19-202/4/2020
Breast Pump Coverage in the HealthChoice Program
PT 20-202/21/2020
REVISED 2.19.2020 Updated Billing Guidelines for Routine Labor and Delivery Claims
PT 21-202/21/2020
Calendar Year 2020 Home Health Fee Schedule
PT 26-197/1/2019
Fiscal Year 2020 Nursing Services Program Rates
PT 27-197/1/2019
Region Realignment; Fiscal Year 2020 Rates for Nursing Facility Services