National Provider Identifier (NPI)

NPI Timelines
The following documents illustrate critical dates for NPI implementation, as well as critical dates for the release and use of the revised CMS-1500 (08/05) and UB-04.

NPI Important Dates
NPI CMS Requirements for Professional Claims - CMS-1500 (12/90) and CMS- 1500

NPI CMS Requirements for Institutional Claims - UB-92 and UB-04

Guide to NPI Data Fields on the Revised CMS-1500 and the Electronic Claim File (837P)
This guide compares the paper CMS-1500 (12/90) to the CMS-1500 (08/05), as well as the electronic professional claim (837P), before and after the NPI goes into effect on May 23, 2007. If printing this document, please note that it must be printed on legal-size paper.

Sample NPI On-line Applications
Sample Individual Type 1 NPI Application
Sample Organizational Type 2 NPI Application

Additional Sources of NPI Information
• CMS NPI Information (
• The WEDI website is a good source of analysis and guidance on NPI. While WEDI membership is required to access some documents, several are available to the public at large.
NUCC CMS-1500 (08/05) Information
The National Uniform Claim Committee website, which contains detailed information about the revised CMS-1500 (08/05).
NUBC UB-04 Information
The National Uniform Billing Committee website, which contains detailed information about the revised UB-04.
The National Dental EDI Council is an organization dedicated to advancing the value and utilization of electronic connectivity in the dental community. This document provides useful information for all providers.

Getting an NPI is free – not having one can be costly