New Provider Enrollment Portal - ePREP



Fall 2017, Maryland Medicaid will introduce a new electronic Provider Revalidation and Enrollment Portal (ePREP). ePREP will be the one-stop shop for provider enrollment, re-enrollment, revalidation, information updates and demographic changes. Maryland Medicaid will also launch a Call Center to coincide with ePREP’s Fall go-live.  Automated Health Systems (AHS) will operate the Call Center and ePREP through its subcontractor, Digital Harbor.

There are two phases of ePREP implementation. Phase I in Fall 2017 includes most solo practitioners, rendering only providers and group practices. Phase II go-live in Spring 2018 includes hospitals, clinics, other medical facilities, and long term services and supports waivers providers.


Anticipate a Temporary Application Hold for Phase I Providers In Fall 2017:

To prepare for the transition to ePREP, Maryland Medicaid will stop accepting Phase I provider type applications on September 13, 2017Between September 13, 2017 and early-November 2017 there will be a temporary hold for all Phase I provider enrollment functions. If a Phase I provider intends to enroll with Maryland Medicaid before early -November, Phase I providers must submit applications to the Department by September 13, 2017. The Department will return Phase I provider applications and updates received after September 13, 2017 to the applicant with instructions to apply via ePREP in early-November. For a full list of Phase I provider types, please select the “Phase I Provider Types” link below.

NOTE: The application submission hold is temporary. However, the Department will no longer accept eMedicaid or paper applications as of September 13, 2017. All provider enrollment activities and updates will occur within ePREP for a faster self-service update to provider’s file.

Providers may continue to use other eMedicaid functions including remittance advice, Electronic Verification System (EVS), and claims submissions among other eMedicaid functions.


Phase II Providers
There is no temporary application hold for Phase II providers. However, eMedicaid will no longer accept applications as of September 13, 2017. Phase II providers should continue to submit new applications, revalidations, and information updates to the Department via current paper applications.

Additional Information:

Phase I providers:

  • Call Center  -- 1.844.4MD.PROV (1.844.463.7768)
  • Starting early November, visit ePREP website – COMING SOON!

Phase II providers:

  • For provider enrollment questions, continue to call 410-767-5503 or email


Training Opportunities:

Maryland Medicaid, in partnership with AHS, will offer live and recorded trainings. These trainings will address ePREP functionality for providers and credentialers. Please check this website for most up to date training schedules.
Webinar Training Topics & Dates
Webinar 1:  Maryland Medicaid ePREP Overview    December 7, 2017 11 A.M.
General Description: Overview of ePREP Features, including how to access your account, submit a new application, complete a group affiliation, and add documents to your document library.
Webinar 2:  Maryland Medicaid ePREP Overview    December 13, 2017 4 P.M.
General Description: After a quick overview of the ePREP features, this webinar will focus on more advanced topics such as the Ownership & Disclosure section of the Group and Solo Practitioner Application, how and why to create Delegated Officials to manage ePREP accounts, and how to communicate with your own team using ePREP's internal messaging system.