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Durable Medical Equipment, Disposable Medical Supplies and Oxygen Services

Picture of ItemsWhat We Do

  • ​Certain medical supplies, equipment, oxygen, and related respiratory equipment require Program authorization before being provided to recipients. To find out which items require prepayment authorization click on the Approved List of Items. To learn the process for requesting prepayment authorization or to download the "Prepayment Authorization Request Form (DHMH 4527)" click on the DHMH 4527 Prepayment Instructions.
  • Determine reimbursement for medical equipment, supplies, and oxygen and related respiratory equipment. Reimbursement amounts for most items are published in the Approved List of Items. Reimbursement for some items is considered on a case-by-case basis. These items are listed on the Approved List of Items as "I/C."
  • Provide information, guidance, and direction to recipients, caregivers, providers, and others
  • Conduct post-payment reviews to ensure that services are provided in accordance with State regulations and policies governing Medicaid reimbursement for medical equipment, supplies, oxygen, and related respiratory equipment.