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EID Premium FAQs

What is a “monthly premium”? 

It’s the cost you need to pay each month to be enrolled in the EID program. 

How much will my monthly premium be if I am approved? 

That depends on your income.  It may be $0, $25, $40 or $55 per month.

If I am approved, will my first premium payment be higher than the monthly amount? 

Your first premium payment may be higher if you did not return documents to EDD in a timely manner and/or delayed the processing of your application in some way. This is because you must pay the premiums for each month since your application was received, and Medical Assistance will usually charge you for one or two months of premiums in advance as well. Your Medical Assistance will begin the first day of the month your application was received. If you cooperated with EDD or were not asked to provide any additional documents or information, you will not be required to pay premiums for the month(s) you did not know you were eligible. You will have to start making regular premium payments once you receive a notice letting you know you are approved for Medical Assistance.

If you are temporarily unable to pay the EID monthly premium, you may qualify for a Claim of Hardship Exemption. For more information see the EID Hardship Exemption Fact Sheet​.

To apply for a Claim of Hardship Exemption, complete and submit this EID Hardship Request Form​.