Family Planning Program

Medicaid Family Planning Card

The Maryland Medicaid Family Planning (FP) Program provides family planning benefits to eligible low-income women and men. To be eligible, applicants must meet all eligibility requirements for the program including: 

  • be a Maryland resident
  • be a U.S. citizen or qualified alien
  • have income below 264% FPL (or about $2,747 per month in 2019 for a household of one person)
  • Any age


The FP Program does not cover any other health care services except family planning services

Family planning services include: 

  • Advice about birth control methods; 
  • Physical exams, including pelvic and breast exams; 
  • Screenings, such as pap smears and for sexually transmitted infections, when done as part of the family planning visit; 
  • Birth control pills and devices, such as IUDs; 
  • Emergency contraception; and 
  • Permanent sterilization (must be aged 21 or over).

*This program does not cover prenatal services, abortion and infertility services. 

If you are pregnant and need health care coverage for prenatal care, apply for Medicaid with the Maryland Health Connection​ (MHC) or at your local health department. For more information, call MHC at 1-855-642-8572 or the FP Program at 1-855-692-4993.​


There are no fees to enroll, no deductibles, no monthly premium, and no annual benefit limit. 

There are no copays for contraceptive prescriptions (birth control). 

If you qualify for the FP Program and you do not already have a FP Program Card, you will receive one, which will allow you to choose any family planning provider that accepts Medicaid. 

You will not be required to join a Managed Care Organization (MCO). If you have a primary care provider, contact them to see if they participate. Most local health departments, community health centers, federally qualified health centers, and Planned Parenthood also accept the card. If you have questions about what is covered or need help finding a provider, call 1-800-456-8900.​

  • If you are currently enrolled in Medicaid or the Maryland Children’s Health Program, you already have family planning benefits and are considered ineligible for this program. Call your Managed Care Organization (MCO) if you need help finding a family planning provider.
  • If you have Medicare, you are not eligible to enroll in this program.
  • If you already had a permanent sterilization, you are not eligible to enroll in this program.

How to Apply

To apply for the Family Planning program, you must fill out the application. You can obtain an application by calling toll free at 1-855-692-4993 or by clicking below to download one.

If you have questions about the application, call toll free at 1-855-692-4993. If you do not speak English, interpretation services are available, at no cost. The application is also available in Spanish. Maryland Relay Service is available at 1-800-735-2258 for individuals with disabilities.

Applications can be returned by mail or fax to:

Maryland Department of Health​

Family Planning Program

P.O. Box 296

Baltimore, MD 21298-9795

​​Fax: 410-333-0134