Adult Evaluation and Review Services

What is AERS?
Adult Evaluation and Review Services (AERS) is a Maryland Medicaid program. It provides comprehensive evaluations for aged and functionally disabled adults who need long term care and are at risk for institutionalization. AERS staff are nurses and social workers. They identify services that can help individuals either remain in the community, or in the least restrictive environment where they are able to function at the highest possible level of independence.
How does AERS help?
AERS staff are located in local health departments. The team, consisting of nurses, social workers, psychologists and psychiatrists, provides a comprehensive medical/nursing, environmental, and psychosocial assessment. The evaluation is conducted in the individual’s home or current residence. Upon completion of the evaluation, the team develops a plan of care that recommends services that may enable the individual to remain at home, or in the least restrictive environment. Every effort is made to obtain the appropriate services to meet the needs of each individual evaluated.
Other AERS services
Preadmission Screening and Resident Review Services (PASRR)
AERS staff evaluates individuals seeking placement in a nursing facility who have, or are suspected of having, a diagnosis of mental illness, a developmental disability, or both. The staff also evaluates individuals, currently residing in a nursing facility, who screen positive for mental illness, a developmental disability, or both, and demonstrate a significant change in their physical or mental condition as defined in federal regulations. A psychiatrist or psychologist participates in the evaluation as appropriate.
Statewide Evaluation and Planning Services
AERS staff conducts a comprehensive preadmission evaluation on any adult at risk of nursing home placement, as mandated by Maryland law. The individual must be at risk for placement in a nursing home and be a Medicaid recipient, or be eligible for Medicaid within six (6) months of placement in a nursing facility.
Geriatric Evaluation Services (GES)
AERS staff performs an evaluation on all individuals, ages 65 years or older, who are referred for admission to a State psychiatric facility. As required by Maryland law, AERS staff evaluates each individual and makes a recommendation regarding their placement in the least restrictive environment.
Case Management
Following an AERS evaluation, an individual may request case management services to assist them obtain services recommended in the plan of care. The AERS program may refer the individual to a case management provider or provide the services directly.
How to obtain an AERS referral
Anyone who identifies an individual who may need long term care services, may request an evaluation by the AERS program. Referrals are accepted from any concerned individual by phone, fax, mail, or in person. There is no charge for an evaluation. Case management services are provided at no charge to Medicaid recipients; others are charged on a sliding fee schedule. Referrals may be forwarded to the local health department or the Department of Health and Mental Hygiene Division of Long Term Care Services, Office of Health Services, 201W. Preston St., Baltimore, MD. 21201, 410-767-6767.