​Data Resources on Dual Eligibles​

The Department of Health and Mental Hygiene commissioned several analyses from the Hilltop Institute to begin analyzing beneficiaries dually eligible for Medicare and Medicaid for our Duals Care Delivery Workgroup stakeholder process. The analyses include:


A chart book, Maryland Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries: CY 2010 to CY 2012, that illustrates demographic, utilization, and expenditure data for dual eligibles.


A report, Maryland Full-Benefit Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries’ Use of Medicare and Medicaid Services Preceding and Following a Medicare Inpatient Stay, that focuses on trends surrounding pre-inpatient stays and post-acute treatment for dual eligibles.


An analysis, Characteristics of Maryland Full-Benefit Dual Eligible Beneficiaries with Three or More Inpatient Stays, that looks at inpatient stay service utilization by high cost, high need full-benefit dual-eligible beneficiaries.


A report, An Analysis of Selected Mental Health Conditions among Maryland Full-Benefit Dual-Eligible Beneficiaries, that reviews mental health issues for dual eligibles.